I usually don’t interact with people who are dead set on transition anymore. I found out early on that it can feel very triggering, which means I often…
Journal entries leading up to my starting cross-sex hormones
I guess this is another detransition diary.
Why I became critical of gender after detransitioning
Thoughts on how activists control the narrative around detransition
(Probably never.)
Clarifying what I meant when I said I'm not here for safeguarding
What I've been up to and when I intend to resume
At this time, there's no way to know. There might never be a way to know.
When a one-size-fits-all narrative is pushed and open dialogue is forbidden, vulnerable people are prevented from making good decisions.
When legitimate concerns about the erasure of sex and promotion of gender identity in its place are deemed transphobic, the word means little more than…
The duty of a doctor providing health care is not equivalent to the duty of an artist providing a one-time service.